SOLO Theatre performance “UNE” – “Grand Prix” at the International Theatre Festival in Druskininkai (Lithuania)

In the Lithuanian resort of Druskininkai, the 6th International Theatre Festival “Druskininkai Summer Theatre Crossroad” took place on 5-15 August, 2020. Even though the difficult conditions of the pandemic are still felt, the festival organizers managed to invite guests from Germany and Latvia alongside Lithuanian artists: the theatre “Silver Age” from Riga, the well-known Latvian actor Andris Bulis with the solo performance “Facebook. Life”, the theatre “Boris und Konsorten” (Stuttgart) which presented a performance based on M. Ravenhill’s play “The Product”. The performances of the festival were evaluated by members of an international jury in which Polish theatre critic Andriej Moskvin and Estonian theatre theorist and journalist Eteri Kekelizde joined the team.

Good news: the “Grand Prix” award was won by Solo Theatre with the performance “UNE” (playwright, director and performer Birute Mar).

“The legendary Lithuanian actress Une Babickaite-Baye, according to her diaries, is a personality whose strong creative energy still shines even today. Her life testifies to the meaning of creativity, her diaries radiate the joy of creativity and human wisdom, making you think about the relationship between an artist and a society how it was a century ago and how it is now. It also reminds us to smile when you realise that little has changed…”

The team of Solo Theatre is delighted for having won the Grand Prix at the Druskininkai Festival. Une is on the stage again, this time with a new creative force!

Also read about “UNE” at Druskininkai Festival here:

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