One act performance based on H. IBSEN’S PLAY “A DOLL’S HOUSE” and the life and works of the Lithuanian actress MONIKA MIRONAITE

Author and Director – BIRUTE MAR
Music was composed and selected by ANTANAS KUCINSKAS
Scenographer – INDRE PACESAITE
Choreographer and Assistant Director – SIGITA MIKALAUSKAITE

Starring Actors:
Nora, Monika – BIRUTE MAR
Lawyer Krogstad – MINDAUGAS CAPAS

Premiere – 2 October, 2018 at the theatre event “Age of Lithuanian Theatre” dedicated to the centenary of the Lithuanian state.

Duration: 1h 30 min

The project for the creation of the performance was partially financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture

“Lithuanian Nora goes from generation to generation. Maybe someone will perform it again (in Lithuanian!) in twenty years… Let it keep improving!”

(by Monika Mironaite. A letter written to the actress Ruta Staliliunaite)

Monika Mironaite (1913-2000) is a Lithuanian actress, prima donna, whose life and work span over the century of Lithuanian theatre. She is an actress whose charisma and exceptional talent is witnessed by many of her contemporaries in theatre and spectators. Her dramatic personal life story is shrouded in many rumours and legends.

The role of Nora, created by M. Mironaite, in H. Ibsen’s classic drama “A Doll’s house”(firstly showcased at the Vilnius City Theatre in 1942; the 2nd time at the Russian Drama Theatre of Vilnius in 1959) entered the history of Lithuanian theatre as one of the most interesting and striking creative works of the actress.

The performance “Lithuanian Nora” was created as a documentary mosaic from M. Mironaite’s letters, memories, diaries, interviews, poems and speeches read in the evenings, the excerpts of Henrik Ibsen’s drama “A Doll’s house. Nora” as well as fragments of the memories of M. Mironaite’s contemporaries such as daughter Dagne Jakseviciute, husband writer Juozas Baltusis, actors Laimonas Noreika, Ruta Staliliunaite and others.

Lithuanian actress Monika Mironaite as Nora (1959)

Photos funded by the Lithuanian Theater, Music and Film Museum.

From Press Reviews

“The plot line of Lithuanian actress M. Mironaite is approached calmly, restrained, almost without acting in the performance “Lithuanian Nora”, telling more about the legend of the last century. Meanwhile, the scenes of H.Ibsen’s “Nora” are played wholeheartedly, and here Birute proves that Nora can be memorable and not vaguer than the previous Lithuanian ones (M.Mironaite, R.Staliliunaite, D.Overaite). A special duo were Nora and Helmer (actors Birute Mar and Aleksas Kazanavicius). Creating a man contrary to traditional interpretations Kazanavicius is despotic with his childish manner, weakness, irritability and inability to understand his wife; therefore, Nora’s self-determination seems to be lacking dramatic effect. Yet this choice is reasonable when observing many contemporary couples.

“Lithuanian Nora” highlights the vertical line of the actress as a talented individual who creates, thinks and suffers, but has her own window to the constellations. The character Nora, played by Birute, leaves Helmer who becomes the weak and impotent to understand as if an actress leaving a stagnant theatre that has grown out of a puppet house in the 21st century. Theatre and art are engaging and influential when they are personal, authentic, and they speak their truth.”

Ausra Gudaviciute “How to Play a Prima Donna, or Birute Mar’s Decision” (Lietuvos zinios, Lithuania, 6 February, 2019)


D. Tamuleviciute’s Professional Theatre Festival Award – Angel Statue (Lithuania, 2018)

Festivals and Tours

D. Tamuleviciute’s Professional Theatre Festival (Lithuania, 2018)
Professional Theatre Festival “Pierre Days in Utena” (Lithuania, 2019)
Professional Theatre Festival “Vaidiname zemdirbiams” in Rokiskis (Lithuania, 2019)
Kupiskis Professional Theatre Festival “Art Do” (Lithuania, 2019)
Panevezys XV Chamber Theatre Festival (Lithuania, 2019)

International Chamber Theatre festival “MIZANscena” (Lithuania, 2021)

Theatre and Stories festival “Įžiebta rampa” in Marijampole (Lithuania, 2022)

International Theatre Festival “Druskininku vasaros teatro sankryza” (Lithuania, 2023)

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